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In a rapidly changing world, NEL helps people & their organisations face challenges as opportunities to unlock new possibilities in themselves and their organisations.

NEL does this by making professional legal services more accessible to relevant "Customer Segments" (including social/ecological enterprises and their networks, Social Movement Organisations, Independent Town Councils),  tied with a "heart-centred approach", so they can become more effective.  

NEL makes law work for the real economy rather than the financialisation of the economy.

It means being aligned with the emerging field of Ecological Economics; i.e. working to create an economy which sits within the ecologies of people and planet, rather than what we have currently which is the opposite, where the environment is defined as an element of the economy. 

NEL is a professional services cooperative practice undertaking legal and senior executive resourcing activities.  It is a Legal Innovation Lab prototyping strategies for shaping a culture of ecological regeneration and beautiful action.  We are not a law firm and do not undertake any activities subject to regulation by the Law Society and are not registered with the Law Society.   This is our strength.


(If you want to know more about the "self regulated" legal sector, these FAQs address the point well.)

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