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Ecological Economics

Current Environmental Law emerges out of an economic system based on extractive principles. Therefore it is inadequate to meet the needs of an economy centred on principles that support the regenerative capacities of life.  


An ecological economy needs the support of legal thinking shaped by a commitment to restoring life enhancing systems, whether of the ecology, communities or organisations.  

"Restorative practice can be used anywhere to prevent conflict, build relationships and repair harm" ( Restorative Justice Council)

NEL's practice emerges out of an ecological economy framework, understanding the underlying values of its clients, and suggesting alternative legal perspectives to help its clients prosper within an ecological economy perspective.  


For example, rather than operating commercial activities from a standard commercial contract or license, NEL is devising a "Regenerative License Agreement" with one client to help it create an invigorated digital community that shifts away from the seller/consumer model of relating. 

  • We listen to your needs and provide advice to help you deliver on your strategy.   

  • We apply systems thinking to help you identify where the blocks are and provide integrated context-driven solutions to help you get beyond the challenges.  

  • If more specialist advice is needed we can critically shape a team from our professional networks and cooperatives which will ensures a whole systems approach is taken so that solutions are delivered effectively and at value for money.

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