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Legal strategist

Bringing dreams into reality is a daunting task.   Even if you have brought your idea into action, scaling up your idea or project can require courage, determination and a clear pragmatic understanding of the challenges to be faced - whether legal, commercial or self-leadership ones.


An outsourced Legal Strategist is like having your own in-house lawyer with benefits. They can help you frame your business strategy into a wider more connected legal landscape, provide you with new insights for developing your strategy, and give you the confidence to take strategic decisions whilst factoring in risk.


We can be a member of the management team, or provide ad hoc advice on legal, business and leadership challenges.

Community Rights

“Community Rights” is a field of law emerging out of unmet needs: the needs of residents in communities to feel that they have a say in what is permitted to happen in their neighborhood; the need for resilient relationships between people in a neighbourhood to meet the social, economic and ecological challenges they are facing. 


NEL has been inspired by CELDF’s and SELC’s work in this field in the States and, through specific project work in the specific cultural and legal context of the UK, aims to help bring about a similar paradigm shift in the UK in terms of helping community’s shape their own local future.

Community Renewable Energy

The story of community has been lost and needs to be re-told for contemporary times.   Community Renewable Energy is one way in which communities can find their own new story, based on energy resilience, community resilience and human scale development.

Supporting Social Enterprises & NGOs

NEL applies systems thinking to help you identify where the blocks are to making your dreams tangible, and provides you with context-driven solutions to help you work through the challenges.  


With the right support, ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

Organisational Governance and Strategic Partnering

To support the growth of the “sharing economy” means developing new ways of human organising that move beyond the “predict and control” method many companies still have embedded into their culture; new ways of collaborating and pooling resources to improve and accelerate the growth of an organisational culture that is aligned with a regenerative ecology, economy and politics.  


Helping develop and scale up such organisational patterns of behaviour needs careful observation of how your organisation works, and careful planning and strategic advice at the early stages to incorporate the right legal structure for your needs and to “bed in” agreements and policies that reflect how your organisation actually wants to behave, rather than being led by policies and agreements into behaviour that you don’t want.  

Research in Practice

Like any other professional practice, the practice of “lawyering” is an engagement with the world and both shapes, and is shaped by, the legal landscape which is continually changing. 


As an activist legal practice, NEL works with clients to achieve their objectives and, secondly, applies its learning into a “Research in Practice” model to try develop and nudge the phenomenon of law into reflecting back the regenerative capacities we see in natural phenomenon: to shift the law into reflecting an “Integrative Ecological Paradigm”.

NEL is a collaborator with Sussex University's Art/Law Network and with the University of Trees platform affiliated with Oxford Brooke's Social Sculpture Research Unit.  

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