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Integrative lawyering


Lawyers are nowadays so specialized that, in identifying which lawyer you need (e.g. a Property lawyer,  or a Company/Commercial lawyer, or a Charities lawyer etc.), the framing of the problem by the specialism can mean that less obvious, but perhaps more effective and less costly solutions can be missed.


In the same way as in the medical profession there are General Practitioners and specialist surgeons, ALF is a “legal GP” that applies an “Integrative Lawyering” model:


  • We listen to your needs and provide general counsel to help you deliver on your strategy.   

  • We apply systems thinking to help you identify where the blocks are and provide integrated context-driven solutions to help you get beyond the challenges.  

  • If more specialist advice is needed we can critically shape a team from our professional networks and cooperatives which will ensures a whole systems approach is taken so that solutions are delivered effectively and at value for money.

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