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Adnan Shafi - NEL Legal Fellow

I am a third year LLB Law and Politics student at Cardiff University. I am a member of Butetown Matters and I am currently supporting the reduction of systemic racism and classism in job application processes in my community of Butetown.

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My Story

I joined the NEL team as a Legal Fellow, to learn how the law could be used as a form of leverage in community law and its mobilisation, particularly through the law of equality and the new Socio Economic Duty that Welsh public bodies are subject to.  I especially look forward to learning about the practice of "co-liberatory municipalism" and what wisdom and guidance marginalised communities can bring if put in the lead on issues impacting them the most.


I host a multimedia and podcast platform called Pariah Nation; this is a platform which centres its discourse around deconstructing colonial narratives through educating listeners on authentic African history as well as the effects of colonialism on the modern day.   I hope to bring new and innovative ways of creating positive change in communities through using legal, social and media platforms.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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